What are Web Development Services?

Web development services involve the creation or further development of a website or app run via the web. The term usually refers to the technical aspect involving programming the functionality which makes a site work. Even the simplest of sites will run using lines of code. A link, for example, is created by using code to instruct your browser where the link should go once clicked.

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While web design is not technically web development as there’s no code involved, it is part of developing a site as you still need a design. In the development stage, the developers will convert the design into code using HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). They will then also add the functionality. A developer can choose between many coding languages as there isn’t an industry standard, but popular choices include Javascript and Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP).

As websites and programming languages evolve and become more sophisticated, possibilities become endless. Websites used to be just text and hyperlinks; now, we can buy products with the click of a button, take virtual tours, and run an entire business via the web. Web development helps make all these things – and more – possible.

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What are the Different types of Web Development?

Web development involves different specialities as their function and coding languages used differs.

A web designer will create the visuals, aesthetics and user journey. Some designers focus solely on design; however, most have frontend developer skills.

A frontend developer specialises in developing the user interface. By this, we are talking about everything from creating the HTML and CSS to creating elements with which a user can interact. For example, the website we built for PRCO contains visual elements which change when a user hovers over them, which required frontend coding to make them work.

A backend developer is so-called as they work behind the scenes. They create all the underlying code which makes the website function, such as making a checkout on an e-commerce site work or creating a Content Management System (CMS) where users can update their content

A Full-stack developer is someone who can do both front and backend development.

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Do I need Web Development Services?

If you need a website, you’ll need someone to design and build it for you, meaning you’ll need an agency or someone who can complete the project from start to finish.

What services you’ll need will depend on your requirements. A very simple holding site with no CMS will only require someone to design the site and create the HTML and CSS to display it. A fully-fledged e-commerce website will need front and backend development to build the system.

Developers can also change or add functionality to an existing site. A website can go out of date quite quickly, and ongoing maintenance and upgrades are necessary to keep it current.

While it can seem like a large investment, a badly developed website can ultimately cost more in the long run. It is important to outsource development to an agency or someone who will fully understand your requirements and can complete them to specification.

What type of Developer do I need?

If you outsource your web development to an agency, they will assign the appropriate developer to your project. If you choose to hire a developer, they should be able to advise you if they have the necessary skills to complete the project.

We may be biased, but an agency is an excellent choice as they can offer other services and support that a single developer might not be able to. They will also have a greater range of skill sets and specialities within their team.

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What Web Development Services does The Hideout offer?

Our expertise means we can handle the entire lifecycle of your project. Our creative team create stunning websites, which our development team bring to life using our bespoke CMS. We can also create your new intranet, CRM system, app or bespoke solutions for any projects that don’t fit these categories.

We don’t just stop at developing your site or app either; we also offer hosting and ongoing support so you can relax knowing your site is in safe hands.

If you would like to learn more, please chat with our team at 01622 238535 or email team@thehideout.co.uk.