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Your brand is you. It’s your organisation, your service or product; branding is how your clients and prospects instantly view and connect with you. Essentially, it defines everything you are and stand for.

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Logo Design

Your logo is usually one of the first things a consumer recognises from your brand. It’s your key identifier. But what’s the role of the logo? It should evoke a memory of your brand as a whole and for that to happen it needs to be at its very core: simple, versatile, timeless and memorable. We can help you tick these boxes and create you a logo that will give your brand a look and feel to rival the competition.

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Branding and Brand Design Services

But of course branding isn’t just about the logo. Brand in a visual sense reaches much further. Visual brand can include: font, colour, icons, photography, key design elements. It can be stationery and signage. It’s any sort of communication you have with your customer.

The key to every brand’s success is consistency, that’s why we always encourage a set of brand guidelines to be developed. Whether it’s a simple set of core rules, or an in-depth guide from logo placement, colour palette, tone of voice and language through to customer service and the way your staff communicate with your customers.


John’s design skills are clear for all to see but what I appreciated even more in working with John, was his ability to listen and patiently tease out from me what I really wanted…not simply what he thought I wanted…bringing alive the design that I had envisaged from the outset but had struggled to effectively explain…a rare skill set.

Stefano Cuomo / Owner / Macknade Fine Foods.

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