What does a creative agency do?

We consider The Hideout to be a creative agency. It’s a term that is often thrown around in the marketing and design world, but it seems not many people really know what a creative agency actually does. 

In essence, a creative agency helps a business to achieve its goals through creative and innovative strategies and develops and evolves its brand. This broad term encompasses agencies whose services fall under the umbrella term of advertising and marketing. 

Things can get a little confusing as some agencies, such as those who specialise in digital, also offer advertising and marketing services. A website is a way to evolve a brand, for example, or an agency might provide digital ad services. 

Does this then mean that a digital agency is also a creative agency? Well, we’re glad you asked! The short answer is that it could be considered a type of creative agency.

Still not sure? Let’s delve a little deeper.

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The different types of creative agencies

Let’s start with a digital agency – they offer digital services, including anything from website design and build, mobile apps, digital marketing and advertising, social media and SEO. 

A print agency focuses on printed material such as brochures, flyers, billboards, and publications. 

Marketing and advertising agencies tend to offer services that will help grow your business and audience engagement through marketing campaigns and advertising on digital or printed mediums and other outlets.

What is common to all is that they all create solutions for businesses in a creative manner, from an entirely new brand or rebrand to website design to advertising campaigns. Some creative agencies focus on one particular specialism while others offer a wide range of services. If their services could be considered to fall under marketing and advertising, then it is reasonable to call them a creative agency.

You will find all manner of talent within a creative agency as they not only require design and graphic skills but also writing, photography, videography, technical skills, marketing knowledge, and account management.

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A brief history of creative agencies in Britain

It may surprise you that advertising and marketing have existed in varying forms for centuries! Early advertising took the form of displaying wares outside shops or painting murals to entice customers. There is also evidence of rudimentary posters and flyers in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Arabia and China.

It’s fair to say that advertising has progressed along with technology. In the late 18th Century, one of Britain’s first advertising agencies is thought to have been established, selling advertising space in newspapers and magazines, which are still a convenient means of reaching a large target audience. 

Then along came radio and television, and with them, many new advertising and marketing opportunities. By now, there were numerous creative agencies as the means of advertising, and engaging audiences grew. But it was the internet, upon which Tim Berners-lee created the World Wide Web in 1989-90, that heralded a whole new way of working. Someone buy that man a beer! 

The digital era became revolutionary as technology advanced. Web design and development agencies started springing up, and acronyms such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) became a normal part of our language. 

Let’s also not forget the advancement of mobile technology and mobile apps. Digital agencies are continually evolving to keep up with all that digital has to offer.

The Hideout

What type of creative agency is The Hideout?

We consider ourselves to be a full-service creative agency. We don’t want our clients to have the headache of juggling different agencies for each part of their project, so we do the juggling for you to make the whole process as stress-free and streamlined as possible. 

We employ a variety of talent in our team. We can offer all creative solutions for your business, from a new website to rebranding to a marketing strategy to packaging design. And we have our account managers to thank for keeping all those balls up in the air!

What creative services do The Hideout offer?

Still not sure what creative agencies do? Well, we can’t speak for everyone, but this is our list of services we offer:




If your project doesn’t fit any of the above, please feel free to chat with us to see how we can help you.