Web Development

We are an experienced web development agency – We like to remove the jargon and go back to basics; what are your objectives, what does your user want and need, and how do we make that happen? Every new piece of web development starts with a discovery phase. This helps us to get under the skin of you and your customers, focusing on what’s really important. It’s all in the planning!


One Website; Different Requirements

We appreciate that commissioning a new piece of professional web development can often be a weighty investment, which is why we like to remove the jargon and focus on your objectives from day one. Whether you require a new website, additional functionality, a refresh, or creation of an intranet, CRM system or app, we have the technical skills to scope your requirements and deliver.


We Ask the Right Questions to Develop a Better Website

We’ll start any new project by listening to you. What’s the purpose of this new project? How does it fit with your wider marketing strategy and digital landscape? What challenges have you faced in the past? How are your users interacting with your platform currently – are they using a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop? Why aren’t they getting in touch? We’ll leave no stone unturned, as the success of any piece of web development is in the scoping and planning. We call this our discovery phase, and it’s exactly that; we discover everything we need to know before writing a single line of code.


The Next Steps

Being the control freaks that we are, the processes don’t stop there! Once the discovery phase is complete, we’ll move onto the design, development and testing phases. Depending on the size of the project, budgets and timescales, these processes may follow a linear approach. If time is of the essence, we may choose to adopt an agile approach. This will enable us to deliver bite-sized pieces of the project for review and approval, before scoping and implementing the next piece.

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Website

During the discovery phase we’ll ensure we’re using the right platform for you, your business and all stakeholders. Here at The Hideout we like to make your life easy, which is why we’ve developed a widget framework on both WordPress and Umbraco. Our widget systems give you complete control and flexibility for the future, allowing you to  create new pages, whole new sections of a site, or adapt existing pages with a click, or drag and drop of a button.


Websites run on WordPress including Spotify, TED, CNN & Williams

eCommerce Web Development

If selling online is your thing, that’s no problem either. Both of our CMS’s allow for eCommerce integration, whether that be using WooCommerce as a base or a bespoke solution. Our team are fully on board from delivering a small brochureware site to a fully functioning online store and everything in between.