Working with an award-winning, local charity to communicate their vision and values.

The Hideout
The Hideout

A history based on collaboration

In the mid 1980s the Government decided to close long stay hospitals & institutions. They replaced them with good quality community based housing. Agencies in the Maidstone area joined together to form mcch society limited. In the early 1990s mcch became an independent organisation.

Nowadays they follow their visions, values and standards continuing to provide individuals with the key life skills and support to allow them to live happy and independently.

The Hideout

Where we came in

We have been working with mcch for around 4 years on marketing materials, annual reviews and an online job application form. When we were asked to work on a large-scale piece to brighten up a chill-out area in their Aylesford office, we jumped at the chance. The mcch visions and values encapsulate their work ethic and the wall mural needed have these at the heart of the design, based around paper and origami, to link with current design cues.

Annual Reviews

With the annual reviews, there was the opportunity to move away from the core branding slightly. Led by the clients’ wishes, we created one based around digital and social media interfaces, creating it as a digital book. The next years one was a more traditional print brochure with the concept of a self-help book running throughout.