Guthrie Douglas

Guthrie Douglas seek to work with architects and designers early on in the process to help scope a suitable shading system for each project.

The Hideout
The Hideout

Collaborating with architects

We were tasked with creating a new website that appealed to their target audience, signposting them to key areas of the site and illustrating the high-end products and systems, utilising their image library.

Simple navigation

We opted for a very simplistic top level navigation guiding users through the website. This was designed to ensure that visitors to the website were not overwhelmed with too many navigation links and ensured that Guthrie Douglas could sign post visitors to the key areas of the website.

Capturing data

Data capture was a key requirement for the team so the site allows the team to collect visitor data before they’re able to download certain documents and files within the central Download Centre which acts as a central resource hub for users.

The Hideout
The Hideout

Widget build

The site is built using our WordPress Widget framework which has provided the team with flexibility for creating new pages, areas of the site in the future if they require and keep the site fresh with new content without the need for additional development work.