Meet the team: Steve

He might not be wearing a cape, but that doesn’t stop designer Steve from being our web and Adobe XD superhero. With his laser eyes made for precision nothing goes unnoticed when it comes to making sure a website is just right for your business.

Unfortunately, being blessed with his kind of power comes at a high price. Steve’s kryptonite is an invisible force to be reckoned with, and most people can’t even imagine bearing this kind of burden: gluten.

However, while we need to be careful what we feed him, he is otherwise low maintenance as his natural drive to perfection is really what makes him tick!

Steve Sinyard - The Hideout

What’s your job?

Creative Designer

So what do you actually do everyday?

After I wake up I walk my dog, have a coffee, sometimes workout then get ready for the day. During my working day I’ll catch up with the team, go over what tasks I have that day and try to impress clients by solving their problems while making them look good. I break up my day by thinking about food, reading industry related articles, trying to find new music and taking a quick walk when my smart watch tells me too.

Give us a song that describes you?

I Ain’t Running – Sticky Fingers

What keeps you motivated?

I’m instinctively an ambitious person and I never want to stand still. I always want to learn more, progress and make my next project better than the last. 

Tell us your favourites: music, TV shows, films?

Music – Royal Blood, Architects and The Dykeenies

TV – The Office (both US and UK), Breaking Bad and People Just Do Nothing

I’m not really a film guy so I won’t enrage you with my go to films choices (Stepbrothers).

What are your most recent discoveries? Any tv-shows, podcasts, blogs or books we should be keeping our eyes on?

A TV Show I’d fully recommend King Gary for a light hearted comedy.  Usually I’m the last to discover something, I start watching shows when the spoilers are common knowledge.

You’ve got a time machine, where would you go first?

Probably back to my 18th birthday to stop myself getting a tribal tattoo. I have since been kicked out of the tribe and had it covered up.

The Hideout
Steve Sinyard - The Hideout

Tell us something you wish clients knew?

The logo doesn’t need to be any bigger.

Team of choice?


What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?

I feel no guilt about any of my pleasures, salted caramel ice cream, dark chocolate, McFly; they all bring me joy.

The Hideout

Your best impression?

I can chirp like a tiny bird, it’s probably the most impressive thing I can do.

What’s your earliest creative memory?

My first creative commission was by my Year 2 or 3 teacher who was so impressed with my ‘self portrait tea towel drawing’ I was asked to draw hers. I didn’t even get paid in exposure for that job.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs, especially mine, hi Mick if you’re reading this.

What do you wish you had known 5 years ago?

That a global pandemic was on the way and to travel more

Steve Sinyard - The Hideout

What are the 3 things you’d take to a desert island and why?

Family – I feel that one collective word is a good loophole and I’d miss them.

Earphones – To block out my family when they start to annoy me and have me pondering why I took them along.

Suncream – I’m blonde and pale

If you had a tagline, what would it be?

Steve Sinyard – ‘Not as miserable as he looks’

If you could give the people reading one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t waste time on anything that doesn’t make you happy