The power of the widget

When building a website for our clients, we never want them to feel restricted or tied down. Having only fixed layouts when adding content to their website can make things start to look a bit repetitive. This can easily happen without the correct approach to designing the way the Content Management System operates in the background.

The Hideout

A unique approach

Our solution to preventing fixed layout web pages is our Widget Build. This is the name of our back-end template which forms the groundwork of our websites which is available on both WordPress and Umbraco. It’s core feature; blocks of content that can be layered up on a page and dragged above and below each other, pulling from a variety of media sources. To explain in more detail we have created a small video illustrating the process of creating a page using widgets in WordPress:

What widgets are available?

We have a number of core widgets which are used on most website builds, but they can also be custom made based on almost any requirement necessary. The default widgets include; A rich text area, map widget, table layout, image and text (rich text sitting with an uploaded image), frequently asked questions (typically in a reveal more accordion format), document download, multi image slider, thumbnail gallery with back and forward buttons, single video widget, box with text and a read more button, contact form (with customisable form fields), menus (for restaurant websites only), social media sharing links.

Widgets can be custom made based on almost any bespoke requirement

It means your website is unique to you


But WordPress already has widgets?

The Hideout Widget Build must not be confused with the widgets that come by default in the WordPress CMS to customise particular areas of the website. Our widgets are instead being powered by the flexible content feature of Advanced Custom Fields. The functionality allows for a more dynamic method of building a website’s content.

The flexible content field acts as a blank canvas to which you can add an unlimited number of layouts with full control over the order.

Advanced Custom Fields

Do you require a more flexible website?

We are always open to discussing new projects. If you are looking for an online presence where you have the ability to dictate how your website is laid out and have more control over the content, please get in touch with us.