How much does it cost to design a website?

The short answer to how much it costs to design a website is: it depends. There’s a lot to consider here, from who is doing the work to how much work is involved. You could do it yourself if you know how or pay someone to design it for you. You could use a pre-built template or build a bespoke design. Depending on your website’s requirements, you might only need one page created or hundreds.

With all this in mind, we’ll take a deeper look at the options.

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You can use a pre-built template.

There are plenty of pre-designed templates available online that you can use for free (normally with accreditation to the designer). These templates are usually basic and are an excellent option for websites such as personal blogs though they are not always kept up to date and can eventually fail to work. For a business, the designer credits (usually found in the footer) appear unprofessional. You may also need more advanced features to adapt it to suit your website, which a free template might not offer. 

Plenty of paid-for templates are available, too and often come with built-in support and updates for a finite time. You can also usually remove the designer credits. Small businesses or those with a simple website can use this option to excellent effect with a little effort to adjust it to their needs. However, a pre-built template might be challenging to adapt to more complex websites. 

The other issue with using something ready-made to keep costs low is you may need to pay a professional to help you get the website up and running. It will likely still be cheaper than a designer starting from scratch.

Larger companies or those with complicated websites will need to look at other options, such as using a web designer to tailor the site to the company’s requirements. The advantage of this approach is you will have a unique design. If you use an agency such as The Hideout, you will also benefit from our careful consideration of the user experience.


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Who is designing the website?

There’s nothing to stop you from designing it yourself or getting your mate who ‘knows computers’ to do it for you. However, a poorly designed website can cost you hugely down the line if the design impacts its performance. A confusing checkout design could see carts abandoned, or a poorly positioned signup box could lose those all-important submissions.

Costs will increase with the experience and expertise of those who create the site. An experienced designer will know how to make a website look nice and on-brand with complimentary colours, fonts, images, etc., and also understand how to optimise the layout and design to enhance the user experience. 

We spend a lot of time working out the architecture for your website before we even start thinking about how it will look. We believe in laying solid foundations and building everything on top of this.



Do you have a ready-to-go brand?

Your website should fit and complement your brand. However, even the best web designers can’t cover up weak or poorly designed branding. 

A rebrand would be an additional cost on top of your website design budget. We offer branding services and are happy to advise you if you need guidance.


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What sort of website do you want?

A website consists of different templates that follow your site’s basic structure but use a different design to accommodate what is being shown on the page. If you only need a homepage, you’ll only need one template. The cost for one page would depend on what you need on there and who is designing it.

A website solely for an online presence is likely to have a homepage, an about page, a contact page, and a services page. It might also include a news or events page, a blog, and legal pages such as a disclaimer. A designer will build and test each section, which can be time-consuming and therefore increase costs.

An e-commerce site will be much more complicated with templates needed for product pages, the basket page, checkout pages, customer account areas, self-help pages and more. The testing requirements for the website will also be more significant – designers and developers alike will need to spend time checking each page works as it should.

We factor in the pre-build, design, development, testing and deployment phases into our costs.



Other cost considerations

The cost of a website doesn’t stop at just paying for the design. 


Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS makes it easy to update your website without understanding all the code behind it. There are plenty of free options to choose from, but you may require a developer to get it working with your site. Our websites come with a CMS as standard, and we provide training for this. Our fees include the development costs, so you are paying for more than just a design.

The costs for this can vary greatly depending on the developer or agency and the amount of work involved. 

Costs: £0-thousands


Domain Name

Every website needs a domain name so people can view the site. The good news is that prices can start pretty cheap – 99p or less if you shop around. Your host or agency might even include this in their costs.

The bad news is that you might find your perfect domain name is already snapped up. Sometimes you can offer to buy it from the owner, but you could pay a premium in the thousands.

Costs: £0-50 (£thousands for a premium name)



Theoretically, you could host your website from your computer but believe us when we say it is fraught with risks and not worth the hassle.  

Hosting is an ongoing and regular cost and a service we provide. Your hosting provider should maintain their servers and keep them up to date with the latest security patches. They will also provide regular backups and have a power source alternative in case of power cuts.

Costs: £0-500+ per month



Getting your website up and running is just the beginning. Support is usually an additional cost which will vary, and not all designers offer this service. We offer ongoing support to give you peace of mind we’re only a phone call away if you need help with your site, you need advice, and we’ll keep it updated with new technological advances.

Costs: £50+ per month

Concluding thoughts

There is no definitive answer to how much a website design costs, as there are many variables to consider. 

Our best advice is to speak to one of our team who will work with you to understand your objectives and how we can tailor our solutions to help.

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