Five things the studio are currently in love with #04

Looking for some new eats and treats? What about a new Netflix binge? Well… you’re in luck! Get ready for some new and old discoveries as the team have put together our next edition of ‘five things the studio are currently in love with’.

Team Fortress 2

1. TeamFortress 2

We all love a good game in the studio. But the problem has always been getting one that’s compatible across both Mac and PC so everyone can play.

Problem solved. We present you: TeamFortress 2, a game that was originally made in 2007 but is now free to download on Steam. It’s a fun cartoon style first person shooter, which is typically easy to learn, but hard to master. All the games are two team based, for example: One game may be defending your base or control point by taking out your opponents who are trying to capture it. Another could be trying to transport a bomb to a particular zone on the map.

Ultimately it’s a game that allows you to shoot the person next to you, or blast the boss man with a shotgun without fear of receiving your P45.

If you fancy a go, you can download it from the steam website!

The Hideout

2. Ozark

Get ready for your next Netflix binge watch. Ozark is the story of financial planner Marty Byrde, who suddenly relocates his family from the Chicago suburbs to the Missouri Ozarks, after a money laundering scheme goes wrong and he must pay off a debt to a Mexican drug lord.

I bet your thinking ‘that sounds a little bit like Breaking Bad’ and I guess it does a little, but that’s where the comparison stops. The series is a lot darker with no light relief of comedy, just twists and turns that unravel a deeper menacing story.

To some, Jason Bateman might be a strange choice as a lead in a crime drama. Mainly known for comedies such as ‘Arrested Development’, Bateman arguably brings one of his best performances to the small screen delivering a gripping portrayal of someone with everything to lose. Ozark is definitely worth a watch and what’s even better is Netflix have renewed it for another season!

The Hideout

3. Candy Kittens

Got a sweet tooth like we do? Then look no further! Founded in 2012 by Made in Chelsea-star Jamie Laing, Candy Kittens produces gluten free sweets with natural colours and flavourings. These little kittens* taste absolutely incredible and they offer a whole flavour range, from Sour Watermelon to Eton Mess! We love the Sweet Peach flavour the most and are never without one of these good looking bags of treats on our desks! And the best part? They are vegan friendly, so everyone can join in the Candy Kitten fun!

*No kittens are being harmed in the process of making Candy Kittens.

The Hideout

4. Tiki Tonga Coffee

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning? We certainly do and we’ve found the perfect blend to get the whole team going.

Tiki Tonga Coffee is co-founded by Brad Barritt (Saracens and England Rugby International) and Justin Stockwell (coffee industry expert). Their aim is to produce the best coffee for active people, and with a fast-paced agency environment full of gym goers and coffee lovers, Tiki Tonga is perfect for helping us get through the working day.

Their blends are available in different strengths, using rugby field playing positions to identify how strong they are. Current blends include No.12 (Inside Centre), No.9 (Scrum-half), No.8 and No.2 (Hooker). We’re a big fan of the No.8 blend… Smooth and sweet!

Whether you’re looking for a pick me up after a long day, an after dinner shot of espresso, or something in-between, you must try Tiki Tonga Coffee.

The Hideout

5. Sky Sports App

We’re big fans of the recent Sky Sports rebrand and as frequent users of the Sky Sports mobile app, we were glad to see the recent release came with a facelift and improved UI. The design is now consistent with the re-branded sports channels… clean, simple and fluid.

They have re-introduced the tab bar navigation replacing the previously used burger menu, meaning content is more easily accessible and not hidden away. The new look ‘Sports’ area is easier on the eye with an image lead approach making it easier to select the sport you want to read about. Video clips dominate every section because what better way to show that 30 yard screamer into the top corner then by showing it in video form.

But what’s really nice is the new ‘My Sky Sports’ area, which brings in a touch of personalisation to the app. It allows you to select your favourite teams, stars, experts and sports to follow, showing you the relevant sports news and updates you want to see. What more does a sports fan want?