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It’s important for your product to stand out on the shelf. We can look at interesting or traditional ways to make your product look the part, using tactile materials and adding special finishes that make an ordinary label or piece of packaging into an amazing one. We are an experienced packaging design company as well as experts in material choices.

The Hideout
The Hideout

Product Branding – Understanding Your Product

You have a great product, but how do you make sure it’s a success in retail? This is where product branding, and ultimately we, come in. As you rarely see the actual product when you buy it, it’s crucial that the packaging design represents you and your brand appropriately so the consumer knows exactly what they’re spending their hard earned cash on.

In order to achieve the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin-feel, we live and breathe the product before starting work. We test it ourselves to make sure we know how the end-customer receives it; be it the taste, feel or practicality. This gives us the perfect insight to come up with a concept that will grab the consumers attention.

The Hideout

Packaging Materials and Finish

Packaging design doesn’t end with the logo and colour choices – there are endless opportunities to transform your label or box to be the star of the show, whether it’s on shelf or online. While the brand itself is one, if not the most important things you want to get across, the final print finishes will bring the magic to life. Nothing beats the feel of a tactile pattern all over or the extra shine of the product name when the light hits it just right.



The Legal Requirements of Packaging

While the printing process is probably the most exciting part, we can’t forget about the legal business. We’ll work closely with your manufacturer to make sure you’re absolutely covered when it comes to legal requirements.

Be it a sticker you want to appear on your product or a custom built packet, we’ll ensure we tick all the boxes that will make it an experience to buy your product.


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