South East Water

Together with the South East Water marketing team we’ve worked on a number of customer-facing campaigns and projects, as well as internal communications collateral.

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Supplying the South East

South East Water manages and provides water to more than 2.2million customers across Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and Surrey.

With a focus on delivering exceptional customer service and encouraging a digital-first approach, the marketing and communications teams have developed a strong brand and tone of voice which is essential to maintaining quality and consistency across all their communication channels, both externally and internally.

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An outsourced marketing team

Acting as an extension to the South East Water marketing team, we’ve worked on various design and digital campaigns on an ad-hoc basis.

Whether the team need a full range of services – as they did when delivering the Customer Challenge Group which required a logo, microsite, marketing materials and annual report – or just a one-off piece of design to support a campaign such as an infographic or a suite of icons, we are always on hand to help.

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Internal communications

In addition to working with the team on external marketing campaigns and projects, we have also created a number of assets for South East Water’s internal communications too.

From producing a digital look book to help the communications team with branding to working on design assets such as icons, leaflets and documents, we have a completely holistic understanding of the South East Water brand and how it’s communicated, not only to its customers but also its staff.