ReSolve Group

ReSolve is a boutique business advisory and investment house based in London offering a range of services to businesses facing challenges or wanting to make the most of opportunities.

The Hideout

Multi-site framework

As each brand site needed its own identity and content, we built a master website on a multi-site platform using our widget builder.

The homepage was designed with a bespoke layout which would suit all three brands, but still allow for targeted content. We also designed an enhanced standard page design which allows the ReSolve team to build their own pages with rich content. For added ease of use, all three sites can be administered from a single CMS environment.

In addition to the homepage and standard page templates, we created an additional listing page template with filtering functionality to improve the customer journey and allow users to find relevant, targeted content.

The Hideout
The Hideout

Creating a brand identity

To create cohesion across all the brands, we created a logo and basic brand identity for each of the sub brands and applied it to the website design. To further enhance the brand identity on the site, The ReSolve team were also keen to use their own photography so we carried out two shoots, one at the company’s offices with the team, and one in the local area.

Once the shoots had been completed and all the photography had been optimised for web, we supported the ReSolve team with content population to get the sites ready for go live.