Macknade Fine Foods

Being massive foodies and already big fans of Macknade, we jumped at the chance of working with the team to create a new brand identity and online presence.

A family owned business with big plans

Macknade is a fine food outlet in Faversham who have succeeded through hard work and determination. Built on a 170-year history of food, farm and retail, to say they have a passion for what they do just doesn’t do them justice.

As you walk through the doors, you’re met with a delight of foods, friendly faces and an atmosphere that is truly unique. Their knowledge of ingredients and love of great food shines through in everything they do.

Our challenge was to rebrand Macknade, symbolising their growth plans and ambitions for the future, whilst reflecting on their strong heritage of the family owned business.


The logo

The process started with a workshop to gain a deeper understanding of the business, beyond being a customer. We talked to various members of staff and other customers to find out what Macknade meant to them to ensure we captured this.

With the focus being on future plans, we had to create a logo that was timeless, effortless and simple. With that said, having such deep roots, it would be criminal not to reference the strong heritage within the identity. To achieve this we created slight curves within the inside of the typeface giving the logo a subtle warmth and softness, whilst the serif on the letters ‘M’ and ‘A’ reflects the iconic oast houses of the Faversham landscape and the business’s agricultural heritage.

We all know it doesn’t just stop with a new logo. From here we created a full set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency of all marketing materials moving forward. This included new in-store signage, vehicle branding, exterior signage and various POS items.

The website

Whilst we continued with the identity roll out, we also focused on Macknade’s online presence. User experience should be one of the earliest considerations in any website project, but in this case, it was absolutely integral. As you walk through the food hall, you are met with a massive array of fine foods. In-store, customers are given the opportunity to browse and enjoy this experience at their leisure and as such, the online customer should be able to do the same.

The strategy we created for the user experience influenced each part of the project, from initial planning of the sitemap, to creative signposting and developing an intuitive tagging and categorisation system.

Instead of being seen as an extension of the business, the website fortifies the brand experience as a champion of fine foods and the community in which it is so deeply rooted.

macknade printed design


Page views increased

The Hideout have been perfect, the balance within their team is excellent, from understated leadership through to innovative and understanding design and digital ‘nowse’ based on delivering sincere experience and not simply techie wizardry!

Stefano Cuomo / Owner / Macknade Fine Foods