Macknade own brand

As a long-standing creative partner to this fabulous fine food retailer in Faversham, we were asked to work with the team on their first foray into own label products and produce some packaging designs for a range of products.

An exceptional range of teas

Having served their own blends of tea in the Cafe, the Macknade team wanted to create a range of four own label teas that customers could pick up off the shelf and enjoy at home.

Regular customers would be familiar with the signature blends but it was important that the package design clearly displayed tasting notes, with brewing instructions and that each blend had its own identity.

Authenticity and locality are essential to the product development process so we wanted the packaging to reflect that. We used simple, clean and natural elements.

The box is created using a craft material which has the Macknade logo foiled in white at the top with an outer sleeve which is used to display the information about the tea inside the box. We intentionally made the box part generic, creating a multi-use piece of packaging for the Macknade team. The coloured pattern that sits on the outer sleeve was designed to replicate the look of the tea fields in India.

The Hideout
The Hideout
The Hideout
The Hideout
The Hideout

Preserves, chutneys & pickles

Following the launch of the teas, the team’s sights were set of releasing a range of preserves, chutneys & pickles. The jars follow the design style outlined on the tea sleeves including the patterning and the M diamond logo. The colours are taken from the new secondary colour palette which was created for the expanded Macknade brand.

Finishing touches

We worked closely with our printers to develop a box and label that not only gives the product a premium finish, but allows it to stand out on the shelf amongst the competition.

Promotional photography was taken for all their new products and is used across their website, social media and marketing materials.

The plan is to expand this range and create a larger Macknade larder that could not only sit in their own store but in other retail outlets too.