Eddie Hall

Creating a signature series for the world’s strongest man, ‘The Beast’. 


A new signature series for Protein Dynamix

Protein Dynamix is an exciting, fresh thinking sports nutrition brand. Their sole aim is to provide ‘best in class’, industry leading sports supplements at an affordable, realistic price. They have a number of ambassadors to represent the brand, one of them being the world’s strongest man, Eddie Hall. Eddie is a UK strong man and is currently the deadlift world record holder, pulling a massive 500kg!


World record holder for the heaviest dead lift

A strong identity for the world’s strongest man!

For Eddie’s new signature range, we knew that the world’s strongest man needed a strong identity to match his physique, ability and personality. Taking Eddie’s signature pose, which is so well recognised, we created an illustrative logo that not only looks like him, but can easily be translated across all types of materials. 

The identity has been used throughout the signature series, merchandise and various marketing materials.