Body Design

Creating a brand and packaging design for a mainstream meal replacement product.

The Hideout

My body, my way

Body Design is a meal replacement product that helps you achieve your body goals. We created a new brand from the ground up including: packaging, advertising, photography and a suite of marketing materials. We’ve even had the chance to sample some of the products and they’re pretty tasty! All the hard work from both sides has paid off, as Body Design is now exclusively sold in Superdrug stores up and down the country!

The Hideout
The Hideout

The thought process

For these new meal replacement products we wanted to leave all the seriousness of diets behind – gone are the days of calorie counting and feeling guilty after having a treat. We’ve given the shakes, crunchers, bars and pills names that are based on phrases and puns that give the products a light-hearted feel. Combining bright colours, layered typography and food images we’ve created fun packaging that definitely stands out on the shelves!

To support our idea of a product that is easy to implement into your lifestyle, we purposely stayed away from a scientific approach and explain matters in every day language to make it easily understandable. The design relies on quick understanding as well. Cutouts of real life photography for the different flavours scattered around the boxes, sachets and packs give you an idea of what your taste buds are in for.

The Hideout

Every body matters

Along with the packaging we created magazines ads for Heat and Closer as well as billboard advertising on the London underground. The key point here was to appeal to all women, regardless of shape and size. Key personas were picked out such as the busy mum and the avid gym goer with the idea that Body Design fits into everyone’s lifestyle! To really capture what we were aiming for, we didn’t want to rely on stock photography. A studio photoshoot was organised and appropriate models were chosen to fit the persona types. The photographs are now used on their social channels as well as on and offline advertising.

As Body Design continues to grow, we’re there to support their team with marketing collateral, advertising and packaging design.