5 Stone Buildings

A new brand, website and marketing materials for one of London’s leading set of barristers.

Establishing a new identity

5 Stone Buildings is a leading Chancery law chambers based in Lincoln’s Inn, in the centre of London. They have enjoyed a long-established reputation at the top of the Chancery Bar, but whilst they are proud of their history, they are looking to provide a modern and efficient service in what is seen as a traditional and ‘old’ industry.

We were tasked with creating a new brand from the ground up, this included a new logo, website, various on and offline materials, video and a new suite of photography. We worked with the 5 Stone marketing committee to create something that everyone was proud of. With a chambers of over 40 people one of the tasks was to identify a look and feel that everyone was comfortable with.

5 Stone buildings
5 Stone Buildings graphic design layout

The new brand is a modern with a touch towards the old. We’ve incorporated the beautiful stonework that surrounds Lincoln’s Inn, the typefaces chosen are a nod towards this, as well as the texture of the building that we’ve included on the website. The logo itself is a customised version of the headline typeface. The letters have been refined to give it a more contemporary feel which follows the brief of ‘modern with reference to the old’.

Being tasked with producing a vast set of materials, we had to ensure there was consistency across the board. To make sure this was the case we created a full set of brand guidelines which not only helped with our design process, but will also guide the 5 Stone team moving forward.

5 Stone Buildings website layout
1964 Vol. 2 encyclopedia collection

New functionality

The new website is not only complimentary to the new brand, but also provides users with new functionality to aid their search to instruct a barrister. There’s a live search that dominates the homepage for users who know the barrister they are looking for, as well as key signposting to the different practice areas for those that need to do a little more research. The CV’s have now been displayed in a structured and consistent way with the inclusion of a CV shortlist, allowing users to download CVs to review, or send to a colleague.

Building architecture facade

Imagery to match

A complete new suite of photography was taken with portraits of all the barristers and staff as well as imagery of the building interior and exterior. The photography style has a consistent look and feel and is a feature of the brand guidelines to ensure this continues in the future.

5 Stone Buildings have received glowing feedback from their clients and piers and we look forward to continuing to work with them.

We have found The Hideout a delight to work with. They have produced first-class work for us consistently on time and with the specification required. At the same time, their project management skills are fantastic. The result was branding work with an innovative and professional look which we will be proud to show off to clients. Thank you!

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