Why hire a web design agency?

A web design agency will have creative talent, knowledge and experience to create a stunning website which is optimised for your business goals.


Your website is a considerable investment in your business.

Your site needs to look good, work well with your branding, and be designed with the user experience and journey as the priority. Users will leave a site within seconds if it is slow to load or poorly designed and unusable. Creating a positive experience is essential to keep users returning.

Hiring a professional to design your website is, therefore, a no-brainer. You need someone with the skills, knowledge and experience to create a site which will benefit your business.

You could choose to hire a freelance web designer; however, you will miss out on the benefits of an agency which we will delve into further.

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Strategic Planning

Building your website begins with understanding your business objectives and planning your site to achieve them. An experienced agency can guide you through this process and strategically plan your site’s information architecture and user journey.

User Experience (UX)

Creating a positive user experience comes from an intuitive, easy-to-use site that follows good accessibility practices. There are several elements to building a good UX, from planning the user journey to carefully considering the design elements and layout. A decent agency spends time keeping up to date with best practices and will have considerable experience in UX design.


A Top Quality Design

An agency will have creative talent on its team who can design stunning websites with a real wow factor. A good quality design reflects well on your business and will also help build credibility and trust with your users.


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Responsive Design

With many choices of devices to browse with, your website must look good and work across all of them. Your users could view your site from a mobile, a tablet or a large screen. An agency can create a responsive website to work on any screen size.

Service:Optimisation Why?:Ensuring your website is optimised for search engines is important for gaining traffic. An agency can advise and implement strategies to help with this.
Service:SpeedWhy?:No one wants to wait around while a website loads, and with most people enjoying fast internet speeds, a slow site becomes all the more noticeable. An agency will optimise your site for speed.
Service:TestingWhy?:An agency will invest time and effort into testing your website for bugs before launch. Issues can still arise when your site is live, and an agency can deal with any problems quickly.
Service:A mix of Skills and ServicesWhy?: Depending on the agency, they will offer more than just web design, such as SEO, offline marketing materials, photography and copywriting.
Service:Up-to-date Skills and EquipmentWhy?:Web design and development are constantly evolving, and an agency will invest in staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies.
Service:Launching to a Deadline Why?:We all know how easy it is for a project to slide if you’re working on it in-house. Handing it over to an on-the-ball agency will keep your project on track for launch.
Service:Reliability and Ongoing Support Why?:Your site needs to be reliable and keep up with the latest security enhancements. An agency can offer ongoing support to ensure your website is up-to-date and running smoothly.

The knowledge an agency can offer will be a goldmine and gives your site more chance of success.

If you outsource your website to an agency, they will have a lot of experience, skills, and talent to build a website that will exceed your expectations. Some agencies will also specialise in your industry or have the transferrable expertise to advise on any challenges your business might face. 

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The Hideout

Web design at The Hideout

We create a compelling user experience with our stunning designs. We carefully plan your website’s hierarchy and user interface to create an engaging and intuitive user journey. We also offer photography, video, SEO and copywriting services to ensure your website has high-quality content.

Our reliable web hosting gives you peace of mind, and our dedicated support team can help with any queries, no matter how small.

To find out more or for some no-obligation advice, you can chat with our team at 01622 238535 or team@thehideout.co.uk.