Welcome to the new Hideout

You may have noticed things are a little different around here. A new logo, a new website and a new video amongst other things! So what’s happened?

Four years into The Hideout we felt it was time for a refresh. We re-evaluated who we are as an agency, the lessons we’ve learnt since The Hideout was born and where we want to be in the future.

On reflection of our previous brand and having talked to many of our customers and friends about it, there was a slight misconception that we are seen as a digital agency. This couldn’t be further from the truth, most of our team started out as print designers or in reprographics. Our skillset stems from a creative background, it’s just that we’ve grown with the industry and digital is a massive part of that today. With that being said, print still remains a huge part of our work and it’s our job to determine what mix is going to give you the right results. It’s this thinking and mindset we wanted to reflect in our new brand.

The Hideout
The Hideout

Aesthetically we’re much cleaner. The yellow has remained – we were never going to let that go! However, we’ve opted for a brighter palette, which allows our content to breathe and provides a more uplifting feel. The addition of the wood texture is a nod to our surroundings and our ‘Crafted with purpose’ messaging.


Rebranding ourselves gives us a chance to really show off what we can do. It’s allowed us to improve our entire brand kit from the simple things like email footers, right through to contracts, brochures, our newsletters, social channels and of course our stationery. Our previous business cards were always going to be hard to beat but hopefully we’ve stepped up to the challenge! Look out for our future blog post on the creation of those.


The website. With the new brand being much more simplistic the new site is all about the extra little details, such as user and screen interactions. The team has been hard at work and it’s not just what you see as an end user, the development team have experimented with a new technology they’ve wanted to try out for a while. When the site first loads, the content of every page is downloaded in the background meaning subsequent pages appear immediately when clicked. This also means the site works offline. Magic!

Even the office has had a refresh. The building has new external signage and inside there have been a few changes to compliment the new brand. The boardroom now boasts a bespoke wooden table crafted by Si’s very hands and a few wooden walls have sprung up referencing the wood texture.

The new rebrand has been a challenge, but a rewarding one. The hard work doesn’t stop now. The brand and materials will continue to evolve. But what we do hope is that you get a real idea of the work that we produce and most of all, the people who create it.