Tips on how to attract students in an ever-changing landscape

The recent pandemic has highlighted the need to adapt and re-evaluate marketing strategies as the demand for digital has soared.


73% of clients have stated that ‘Digital Transformation’ is now a major business priority* due to the weakness exposed during this time.

Colleges have adapted their traditional methods of attracting new students to using digital solutions and have found ways to get more creative with their marketing campaigns. If anything, this has allowed colleges to streamline their marketing efforts and improve their strategies with great success.

We have put together a PDF with some essential marketing tips and a handy checklist for your marketing team which you can download for free.

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Here are some points to consider:

1. Develop a clear, central strategy

Not only do you want to ensure consistency in marketing across all your departments by employing a centralised strategy, but it will also enable you to track your KPIs across the board.

You’ll be able to keep your website, prospectus, social media, and marketing campaigns cohesive and within brand guidelines.

Tracking your prospective students from all departments will allow you to identify what works well and personalise their digital experience. This will allow you to streamline your marketing efforts while making them more efficient.


2. Get recording with a video strategy

Video is a great way to capture your audience’s attention. Did you know that 86% of marketers have said that using video has increased traffic to their website? **.

With careful planning, you can reuse and repurpose videos for different mediums. Short clips could be used on Instagram or TikTok while the full video features on your website.

Video is also the best way to capture student life and make your college stand out. Use it to showcase the social aspect of being a student – higher education isn’t just about learning, it’s about the whole experience.  


3. Keep it personal

Students come from all walks of life, from your straight-A students aiming for academic success to your more mature students looking to revitalise their career to everyone in between.

You need to understand your prospective students to know how to target them. If you run all of your video campaigns on TikTok then chances are your mature students won’t see them – the largest user base in the UK is the 18-24 age group***. But if you want to target your younger students, then take a look at TikTok!

You can also personalise your email campaigns, your digital prospectus, and your website. Make your prospects feel welcome by giving them content tailored to their interests. It will make it easier for them to find the information they’re looking for.


4. Keep active on your social engagement

Organise your social media across the board by creating dedicated hashtags and setting up social media for each department.

Your students will be able to easily follow the content they are interested in and you can even encourage them to become social media ambassadors, creating their own content for your channels.

Set up Facebook interest groups for student clubs or special focus groups to give your students a safe place to socialise online. Social media is also an effective way to share information and to catch the attention of new prospects.


5. Stand out and get creative with marketing

You can use live streaming to conduct tours of your campus, speak with students, showcase lectures, and host live Q&A sessions.

And don’t forget you can get the word out with digital ads, ads on popular podcasts, and keep the students coming back to your website with an active blog that features niche interest areas.

How about your good old-fashioned marketing strategies such as guerrilla marketing – think how many people will see your large, shiny advert on your local no. 89 bus. Or host real-life events outside of pandemic lockdowns such as an on the lawn event with a BBQ, live music, and feature talks from current students and alumni.

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*Up To The Light, 7th Annual Report in association with dba.
***Source wyzowl Video Marketing Statistics 2021