The November low-down

While some might have their eyes already on the Christmas pudding, we never rest for too long. Our November was packed with another award win, a number of events and a couple of lovely restaurant openings!

The Hideout

Japanese treats

The team have been working with new London restaurant Four Degree on a new website, social media campaign and some other marketing pieces.

The team were lucky enough to experience some of the tasty treats first hand, filling our bellies with copious amounts of sushi and Japanese inspired dishes and cocktails.

To add to that we were honoured to be able to witness the creation of three incredible sand mandalas created by Buddhist monks. Once completed, these stunning pieces of intricate art are destroyed, and the sand washed away to serve as a reminder to the creator to be present in the moment and to appreciate the impermanence of life. A real bucket list moment!

The Hideout
The Hideout

OMBLive 4

If you love quick thinking, OneMinuteBriefs is the perfect mind-exercise for you. Since early 2016 our team enters into the daily Twitter competition that has only one rule: One ad, in one minute. If you win you’ll earn Internet fame and glory and sometimes, some pretty cool prices!

Fast forward to the beginning of November, John, Sarah, Sam and Frauke attended the live event for the second year running – and what a blast it was! Our very own Creative Director made it to the second round of the live tournament, while Sam and Frauke… well, it’s all about taking part! We heard lots of inspirational talks from industry legends – from making risks count and taking pride in your work, to feminism in the industry.

Agency of the year

While John was definitely last year’s star, taking home an award for the OMBLE’s OMBLE of the year, this time the whole of Team Hideout earned the spotlight. We’re chuffed to announce that we were awarded the OMB agency of the year! Being crowned by an awesome community that is full to the brim with talent is an incredible feeling – and the motivation to get even better!

The Hideout
The Hideout

The Ivy Royal Tunbridge Wells opening

Having designed and developed The Ivy Collection’s online presence, we were honoured to be invited to the press opening of The Ivy Restaurant Royal Tunbridge Wells. The team made their way down to the new restaurant at the beginning of the month and were greeted with a Champagne reception, tasty canapés and loads of inspiration from the brand new location.

Having worked closely with the team, it was a pleasure to see one of the restaurant’s launch in our neck of the woods.

The Hideout

The EduKent show

We were back at the Kent Event Centre with our friends Built for Marketing for another event. This time it was EduKent, a show for the education sector and as before, we piled up the Krispy Kremes ready for the oncoming crowd. Even Henry VIII popped over and chowed down on a sugary treat.

We met some great new people and hope to be talking to some of you in the coming weeks and months.