The March low-down

The clocks have gone forward, the days are getting longer and we seem to be going through the year at a phenomenal pace. This month we’ve packed in trips to Jersey, Manchester and Germany. We’ve become a finalist of the Kent Creative Awards, escaped a Panic Room and been on the radio.

Hideout As Finalists At Kent Creative Awards 2017

Kent Creative Awards!

We were pleased to find out that we had become a finalist in the graphic design category of the Kent Creative Awards. The awards are an annual event that celebrates the arts and culture in the county. We love what we do, so it’s always great to get some recognition for the work we produce and the ethos of the studio.

We find out if we’re winners at a ceremony in May! Congratulations to all the other finalists and see you there!

Hideout Creativepool and a trip to London!
Hideout Staff At Creativepool on a trip to London!

Creativepool and a trip to London!

In February we we’re lucky enough to find out we had been nominated in two categories for the Creativepool Annual Launch. The day had come to find out if we had made the book so a number of us headed down to the Protein Rooms in London.

While the evening was filled with booze, beats and books, unfortunately it wasn’t filled with a win for us. Even though it was disappointing to not make the annual, we leave with our heads held high having been put in the mix with some of the big names in the industry. Plus, we even managed to sneak in a round of Junk Yard Golf to finish the night off. After a hard-fought competition, Brad hit the lowest score and took home the #teamhideout trophy!

Hideout Staff At The UK Brand Show

Hitting the airwaves!

We were pleased to be invited as a guest on The UK Brand Show which focuses on marketing, PR and growing a brand and is part of the online radio station, Channel Radio. Si went along to talk all things digital and content with the presenters Penny and Marcus. He spoke about website builds, the power of video and had a general catch up about what we’re up to at The Hideout. If you haven’t heard it, you can listen here.

The hideout crew

Time to escape!

This month we embraced our inner detectives and took a trip with our friends Built for Marketing, to The Panic Rooms in Gravesend. So what’s a panic room I hear you ask? You basically get locked in room for an hour and you have to solve all the clues and puzzles as a team to get out. The rooms are all themed and ours was based on the mansion of a crazed conspiracy theorist who had been murdered. We were the investigators tasked with finding his secret documents and the exit code to escape.  We don’t want to give anything anyway, but after a lot of hunting, code breaking and panicking we got out with only 1 minute 54 seconds to go! Not bad considering the room only has a 15% success rate!

If you’ve ever looking for something to do with a few friends, then The Panic Room is a must!

…and the rest

There’s been a lot of travelling going on in the studio. A few of the team had an unusual commute to work one Monday with a flight over to sunny Jersey for a client meeting, they even managed to grab a quick drink by the sea before flying home.

In other news, Frauke took a trip back to her homeland, bringing lots of German treats back to the studio to keep us going. Some of the team took a few days off to see Ricky Gervais in Manchester and Sam wrote a blog on why he loves gifs which you can checkout here.

Airplane unloading at Swissport