One line of communication

Recently at the Hideout we have taken the time to reassess the way that we communicate internally with each other, and how we manage content from all the different services on a day-to-day basis: Teamweek- project management, Basecamp- client communication, Wunderlist- to dos and Zendesk- support, to name a few. The problem we are facing is that having to login to all of these services and keep track of them daily started to become very time consuming for a lot of us. My job was to find a service that could centralise these services into one searchable tool. We decided that the messaging service Slack would be the platform to make this happen.


What is slack?

It is a team collaboration tool formed in 2009 by Stewart Butterfield, which launched publicly in 2013. After a few months of pilot testing the free version, we chose to signup to the paid version which lets us search through past messages, conversations and documents sent, perfect for when you need to remember something you spoke about a while ago. The feature which really sold it to us is the ability to integrate a lot of the services that we already use, enabling us to get notifications sent to one channel.

Here’s a list of 5 Slack integrations that we use on a daily basis!




Zendesk is an online service that we use as our support help desk; it manages tickets, issue tracking and customer support for our clients. Integrating it with Slack has allowed us to receive notifications when a ticket is added, changed, solved or closed. Our support team have absolutely loved this addition!



We use Teamweek as a Gantt chart for project and time management in the studio, allowing us to run production efficiently. The integration with Slack has allowed us to each get updates for our own timelines when something has changed. We also get a daily to do list sent to us every morning with what we’re working on, so we don’t even need to open Teamweek to see what we are up to.



We use Twitter regularly for social media marketing. The team wanted a way to track who is interacting with our account, @hideoutuk, so we connected it to Slack using their custom integration. We can now see when somebody posts a tweet from our account, and who replies to it.



This one is just for fun! Giphy is the world’s largest library of animated GIF’s, and by typing the /giphy slash command for your team, followed by a search term like ‘cats’, it will display a cat GIF in your channel. Messaging through Slack is already really fun, but this has made it even better (sometimes a bit of procrastination is needed).



This is a perfect tool for all of us at The Hideout. Slack has slash commands which is a simple language with a backslash ‘/‘ at the start of a particular word to make something happen. The Unsplash command allows us to grab photos directly from the Unsplash free stock photo databases by typing /Unsplash [random] or [search keyword] and the results go directly into a channel or to another user. Perfect for quick stock photography requirements!