Five things the studio are currently in love with #05

The team are back with another five things for you to fall in love with. In this edition we have an alternative recipe book for some eating treats, the perfect game to pass the time on the tube and an alcoholic beverage for those with a sweet tooth!

The Hideout

1. F**K that’s delicious: An annotated guide to eating well

F**k that’s Delicious started off as a YouTube series on Vice food channel, Munchies. It followed the former chef turned rapper, Action Bronson, and his friends chowing down on delicious grub from around the world that ranged from French haute cuisine to stuff-ya-face street food.

Now all this deliciousness has been turned into a book! It doubles up as a kind of autobiography for Bronson as well as a recipe book for some of his favourite dishes. A few choice picks from the pages include ‘Hamburgers with Black Truffles’ and ‘Explosive Chicken’, as well as a definitive list of ‘Incredible Pairings’ all from the mind of the man himself.

A few of us have purchased a copy, not only for the food, but also for the design. It has some pretty bold page layouts and crisp photography running through the pages, all encased in a bright orange hard back cover, which really reflects Bronson’s image. Big, bold and sometimes hard to look at.

The Hideout

2. Mini Metro

Looking to kill some time while on the tube? We’ve found the perfect game for you. Mini Metro is a beautifully simplistic subway layout game. All you have to do is draw the routes between stations and allow the passengers to navigate their way around the city. Sounds simple enough, but can you keep up with the ever growing city and the transport needs of the population? How long can you keep it going till the city grinds to a halt!?

It’s such an addictive game. We find ourselves opening the app when we get a spare few minutes trying to recreate the Circle Line and making London’s tube system more efficient. Not only is it very playable, but it’s lovely to look at. The crisp flat style design and animation really lends itself to the gameplay.

Mini Metro is available on the iPhone, iPad, Android and desktop platforms. Have a go and tweet us your best score!

The Hideout

3. The Football Crest Index

If you love football history, design, or both, then this is a book for you. The Football Crest Index is an independent project founded to document and preserve the rich history behind the crests of football clubs from around the world. Starting as a Kickstarter project their first publication was a good looking hard back with a double page spread dedicated to each of the 49 teams who have graced the Premier league.

It’s really interesting to see the history of the crests of each of these football clubs. Some changes have been more radical than others, but you can see how some of the past elements have influenced the modern day badges that you see on shirts of the teams we watch today.

They plan to take the series further and add books to the collection that document the other major leagues in Europe, such as La Liga and Serie A.

The Hideout

4. MindHunter

When the nights are getting colder, there’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa binge watching a good Netflix show. If you’re looking for your next thrill we have something quite special for you: MindHunter. Set in 1977, the show follows the story of FBI Special Agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench, who work in the Behavioural Science Unit.

In this day and age criminal psychology and profiling was only in its baby shoes, however Ford and Tench are about to revolutionise the whole system. In order to possibly prevent future crimes, they hold controversial interviews with notorious serial killers to understand the thinking and emotional responses behind crimes, all while trying not to get too close to their subjects. Interestingly the characters are loosely based on John E. Douglas, the first criminal profiler and author of the original book, and Robert K. Ressler, who actually coined the word “serial killer”.

Based on gripping stories that blend reality and fiction with a pinch of history, this show has the perfect recipe for a good watch!

The Hideout

5. Gosnells Mead

Something sweet always goes down a treat in the office and this recent discovery fits the bill… meet Gosnells Mead. They are a London based producer of this fine nectar and they make it by fermenting alcohol with honey, sounds good right?

Mead features heavily in Olde English tales, as well as Norse stories, but it has recently seen a revival due to popular TV shows like Game of Thrones. As well as producing the traditional brew, Gosnells experiment with the possibilities of honey based drinks. They have produced a hopped and elderflower versions, for people with not so much of a sweet tooth.

Gosnells have brought mead firmly into the 21st century with simple, elegant design, away from the cliche Olde English type and parchment aesthetic. We love it and you really ‘mead’ to try it!